Hello Amazing Baton Pass Community!

We are so thankful for all the resources available to us for all sorts of life challenges so here we've compiled a list of resources and tools for you to use for whatever situation you or a loved one may be facing. We will continue to add to the list and update it as time passes. You will find organizations, books, websites, blogs, podcasts and articles that we believe will aid in the restoration process. Most importantly we would like to remind you how unique and treasured you are. You are dearly loved and there is only one magnificent YOU!


The Baton Pass

Dear Cherished Daughter Letter

Dear Cherished Daughter,

Do you know who I am? Perhaps you don't know me yet. Maybe you know OF me but don't truly KNOW me. Maybe, dear daughter, in this moment you just need a reminder of who you are to me and how deeply you're loved. Right now, I long to show you my heart and so I've written you this letter.

My love letter to you.
My cherished daughter.

You see, I know who you are! You are my beautiful and beloved child. I have loved and chosen you long before your first breath and you will remain loved and chosen by me far past your last. My purpose in creating you was to lavish my love on you and that I would experience your love for me in return. You are my pride and joy.

I know all the joys and passions of your heart, in fact I put them there! Every triumph you experience and every heartbreak you endure I care about. There is not one single thing you do or one single thing that happens to you that I'm not aware of. It is all important to me. You don't ever have to walk alone.

Sweet daughter, in your moments of frustration, I'm here to give you wisdom. In your moments of heartbreak, my arms are here to embrace you. In moments of fear, I'm here to give you courage. In moments of desperation, when you call for me I will pour out my love on you. When you don't know your worth, when you feel you've made too many mistakes, when lies attack your identity and the actions of others have stripped you of your dignity - I am here to restore you.

I will never love you anymore than how much I love you right now. There is nothing you could ever do that would make me love you more and nothing you could ever do that would make me love you less. You see, my love for you is never based on WHAT you do but truly in WHO you are.

See, I already knew all the mistakes you were ever going to make and, when you let me be your dad, I knew that I was going to wash away every one of those mistakes. Release them to me and they are no more. I knew I would never let them define you and, dear daughter, you should never let them define you either. In the moments you feel the most unworthy there is still nothing that would keep me from sending my son for you. For eternity, I've chosen you!

If you don't know me yet, close your eyes and ask me to reveal myself and just listen. I promise I am here. Ask me what I think of you, listen for me, and I will show you.

I put a crown on your head to restore your honor.
I put a robe on your shoulders to restore your dignity.
I place finest shoes on your feet so that you can stand firmly and confidently walk forward.
I fashioned your beautiful smile, the perfect amount of melanin in your skin, the depth of your eyes, and sound of your voice. Each feature an expression of how much I treasure you. I see such beauty in all of it.
I wrap my arms around you to be your shield.
I left your chin up so that you hold your head high.
I wipe every tear from your eyes and restore your joy.
Arise, daughter, and claim from this moment forward the beautiful plans I have for you.
To prosper you. To keep you. To empower you.
Claim the royalty that you are. You are mine.
Every single day.

Your Dad.

In our greatest moments and even in our hardest moments it's so important use our words to claim our right to freedom in every area of our lives.

Speak these confessions daily:

I'm thankful for every new day.
I am seen, loved & accepted. I am God's masterpiece.
My God goes before me, therefore I am confident that I can face what lies ahead of me.
I live with unwavering joy, because the Lord is my source of joy & He is always constant.
I release my past. I am renewing my mind. I take captive every word & thought.
I know God's plans for me and they are good!

“But may your name be blessed and built up! For you have answered my passionate cry for mercy. You are my strength and my shield from every danger. When I fully trust in you, help is on the way. I jump for joy and burst forth with ecstatic, passionate praise! I will sing songs of what you mean to me! You will be the inner strength of all your people, the mighty protector of all, the saving strength for all your anointed ones. Keep protecting and cherishing your chosen ones; in you they will never fall. Like a shepherd going before us, keep leading us forward, forever carrying us in your arms!”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭28:6-9‬ ‭